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The trip will be guided by Captain Wade Beard, whose passion is salmon and trout, and has Great Lakes fishing experience since the young age of 8 years old. Captain Wade and the crew is friendly and knowledgeable, and determined to provide you with the best Lake Michigan & Waukegan salmon and trout fishing available.

Guaranteeing High Catch Rates and Successful Charters!

For over 36 years, Ninja Charters has been one of the most popular Chicago Lake Michigan’s Charter Boat Services serving the north Chicagoland and Waukegan, IL region. We continue to be one of the best charter businesses in customer satisfaction, season after season. The waters of southern Lake Michigan around the North Chicago and Waukegan area is most productive on a month by month basis than any other area of the lake.

Chartered by USCG Licensed Master Captains

It is our goal to have a fun, safe and successful salmon fishing charter on the waters of Lake Michigan. We encourage you to explore our website and book your trip aboard the Ninja.





What to Bring on the Trip


  • Sunscreen is a must. It does not matter what time of the year, cloud cover, fog, or whatever the weather conditions may be; the UV rays seem to always be present on the water.
  • Our boat is outfitted with a special slip resistant flooring that helps you to keep you footing while you are aboard the boat. It is generally agreed upon by most people that tennis/running shoes with a soft rubber sole is the ideal footwear. As opposed to dress shoes or hard soled boots.
  • As with any trip that you may take it is always necessary to check the forecast for the day of your charter.  The layered look works well, you can take off clothing or put it on.  The forecast may be 80 degrees on shore but, on the water it may be at times 10 degrees cooler. So whether it is hot or cold or the occasional windy rainy day on the lake I will do my best so you may more enjoy your sport fishing outing.
  • Camera, to photograph the fish that didn’t get away….. or show off before they became filets.
  • Food and Drink – As with any other outing you may want to bring along some snacks, drinks, and food or sandwiches.  Alcohol is allowed onboard. Space is available for your cooler. P.S. A sandwich for the  captain may not always improve you catch but,  you never know.
  • It is not necessary to bring a large cooler for your fish aboard. At the end of your trip, your fish will be cleaned and bagged at no cost to you.
  • If you already have an Illinois fishing license… bring it. Please make sure you have a salmon/trout Lake Michigan stamp on the back. If you do not have a fishing license then you may be able to purchase one onboard  or at the harbor. (Please call ahead for details)
  • Identification will be required for credit card payments and to purchase fishing licenses


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